delphinette's easy and fun kids activity ideas and food recipes

  • FREE delphinette Recipe Card Template to pass down family recipes

    Use the FREE delphinette recipe card template to create a meaningful way to capture treasured memories and pass down family traditions. 

    Create a thoughtful cookbook / recipe box of family recipes for loved ones so that they'll always have a part of you. 

  • Kids Valentine's Day Heart Toes Craft

    A fun and easy kids Valentine's Day DIY craft / card to gift a loved one! Whether it's a little babe or a tiny toddler, this keepsake is a sweet way to capture those adorable little toes.
  • Avenue Magazine Made in Alberta Awards 2021

    Presented by Avenue Magazine, the Made in Alberta Awards celebrate the ingenuity, creativity and quality of products made in Alberta, Canada.

    delphinette was honored to Runner-Up in the Fashion & Accessories category of Avenue Magazine's Made in Alberta Awards 2021.

  • Taste Safe Play Dough Recipe

    Kids love playing with play dough!

    With this easy and budget friendly play dough recipe, you'll be able to make a rainbow of taste safe dough anytime. By baking the flour and using boiling water to mix - it's a combination of these steps that make it taste safe for little ones.

    Use jello mix to prevent any staining and as a bonus - it smells delicious while making it too! This large recipe is enough to portion out a rainbow of colors in every batch. Cut the recipe in half if you want a smaller batch.

  • Mushroom Pasta Noodles

    Who doesn't love a delicious and filling plate of pasta?

    With king oyster mushrooms and a peeler - you can make delicious "pappardelle" like noodles for your next pasta craving. This wasn't a deliberate move to eat "low carb" or eat like we're on a diet - we just want to be able to sneak in move vegetables in our meals without having to overthink it.