Sizing & Style

Discover which hair accessory style will suit your little one best:

Hair Accessory Style  Age
Hair Clip  Any age
Hair clips are easy to wear and an adorable way to keep bangs out of little one's faces while they're having fun. 
Hair clips are the perfect hair accessory for kids of all ages as they can be worn no matter how thin or thick, or long or short their hair is.

Newborn -
3 years old

Made with soft and stretchy nylon, headbands are the perfect hair accessory for babies up to young toddlers. An adorable way to add that special touch to any outfit and keep little bangs out of their face. 

The nylon headband can be double looped to style their hair in a ponytail or half up as their hair gets longer.

Hair Tie 1 year old+

Hair ties are a great option for toddler age and up and for those with thicker or longer hair.

Made with a strong and stretchy black hair tie, add an adorable touch to any ponytail, french braid or set of cute pigtails.